Electronic vaulting provides a safe, fully automated backup and archiving solution for local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN.) Titan Data Safe provides the ideal, remote site for all your E-vaulting needs via the Internet or communication lines. The entire process is automated and significantly reduces and eliminates the handling of backup tapes.

Now that off-site storage of backup data is the norm, the best ways of ensuring backup survival is optimized with Titan Data Safe. The changing climate and complexity of business at this time requires companies to reevaluate data recovery needs and Titan is here to help.

Titan Data Vault is the solution to corporate data protection. Encrypted online backup provides fully redundant, off-site storage of all backup data. In addition, our Titan Data Vault service gives a cost-effective, safe and fully automated way to restore data with minimal net interruptions.

Titan’s multi-platform ability and unlimited scaleable storage can be tailor-made to your individual business needs. Backup abilities for numerous operating system lets Titan give your company a renewed sense of security often absent in this day and age.