DATA VAULT | Supported Operating Systems

Titan Data Vault offers an online backup and recovery solution designed specifically for heterogeneous back office environments. Review the list of supported operating systems below:

  Windows NetWare 4.2 - 5.0 - 5.1
  Backup Exchange Server Red Hat Linux 6.2 -7.1
  98 SE - ME - NT Solaris 7- 8
  Workstation 4.0 - NT Server 4.0 Oracle
  2000 Professional - 2000 Server AIX
  2000 Advanced Server HP-UX

SIDF Delivers Portability and Longevity
All files transferred between Titan Data Vault Agents and the Vault Manager are formatted with a System Independent Data Format (SIDF) that ensures greater portability among various supported operating systems and their versions. Files backed up from a server running one OS may be restored to a server or device running a second supported OS. This capability provides the added benefit of data longevity, in that data backed from earlier OS versions may be restored to later versions of that OS or another OS.