TECHNOLOGIES | Restoration

File restoration may be done on an entire safeset level or on a file by file basis. The graphical user interface of the Titan Data Vault Administrator lets you select individual files or directories for restore. There is also a search utility that allows you to scan an entire catalog using a file specification mask which may include wildcards. The catalog is the index which allows you to browse the contents of an instance of a backup task (ie. Safeset).

In the situation where all of the data is lost, you need to re-install the Titan Data Vault Agent and Administrator. Once installed you can connect to the remote Titan Data Vault Server which can recreate your local catalogs. Once the catalogs are recreated from the Server you can proceed to initiate restores. Restores may be performed online or you can request that backup safesets are placed on tape media and physically sent to your location (or alternate location if you are recovering from a real disaster).