DATA VAULT | Security

Titan Data Vault has been helping companies across the world develop and implement disaster recovery plans since 1989. As the leading provider of online backup and recovery solutions, Titan Data Vault has performed 1.2 million secure backups and tens of thousands of restorations. Our security measures encompass a complete package of tools that protects client data and ensures the highest degree of care. This package consists of a robust level of encryption, state-of-the-art hardware, highest level of security at remote backup locations, and redundant backup policies and superb customer care.

All communications between a customer's network and Titan Data Vault backup locations are heavily encrypted. Customers may encrypt their backup data via four levels of encryption. The data is encrypted on the customer site and remains encrypted on the Titan Data Vault servers. There is no method to decrypt the data via any "back doors" or alternate schemes. Only the client with the original encryption key may decrypt the data during a data restoration procedure using the Titan Data Vault client software.