TECHNOLOGIES | Target Destinations

Basically a null backup which causes the Titan Data Vault Agent to go through the motions of performing a backup but, it only creates a Log file and a Catalog but, no actual backup data is sent to any destination. The purpose is to use the Catalog information gathered over a period of time ( typically 3 days - 1 week ) as input to the Analyze function for statistical reporting.
Local Disk
The backup safeset is created on a local disk selected in the setup of the backup task. In this situation, there is no Titan Data Vault Server to manage the security, billing and migration of this backup data. The Titan Data Vault Agent will purge safesets from this directory based on the retention schedule defined for the backup task. Thus, the user must have the appropriate access to this disk directory.
Local tape device
It may be necessary to use a local tape device to make an initial tape backup (seed tape) or to perform a large restore. The Titan Data Vault Agent may read/write backup data from/to a local tape device. The local tape device must be SCSI (4mm/DLT) on the supported OS's.
Titan Data Vault Server
The final destination option is the remote Titan Data Vault Server application. This is the true "e-vaulting" scenario in which the client is sending the backup data to the Server typically over a wide area network connection.