Backing up with Titan Data Vault
Agent scans server for new or changed data.
Every night-when resources and bandwidth are more available--the Agent "wakes up" and scans the server for new data. This block-level scan recognizes new files as well as the modified portions of files that have changed since the previous scan. The scan can include open files, such as database files.

Agent creates compressed, encrypted change file.
The Agent assembles only the block-level changes into a single change file, which is then compressed-usually to half its original size-stamped with the date and time, and encrypted for security.

Agent sends change file to offsite vault.
The Agent then sends the change file via TCP/IP to a secure offsite vault.
Vault Manager delivers exception alerts

The Vault Manager continuously monitors the progress of scheduled backups. Anytime the Vault Manager detects an irregularity, it immediately sends an exception alert via email to the system administrator.